Through different platforms, we are using innovative means to increase our impact on the youth. Our initiatives are designed to ensure that through collaboration, we attain sustainable social-economic youth empowerment. They include:

Global Youth Networks –
Global Youth Networks is an initiative to facilitate youth participation in national, regional and International Development. The network has more than 340 members from over 64 countries worldwide.

Connect – Share – Grow

Global Youth Data –
Global Youth Data is an initiative to make youth data publicly available, the aim is to show the real situation affecting the youth world wide in  different sectors. Facilitating Broader access to Youth Data will make policy makers,organizations and institutions working with & for the youth to provide better informed solutions to youth development challenges & measure  improvements more accurately, also improve research opportunities for journalist, academia, development agencies and others, broadening the global participation in youth issues.

Youth Open Data
Global Youth Review –
Portal to provide information on issues relating to youth
Career and Debate Clubs
creating entrepreneurs out of college graduates